Conservatory Roof Repair

Is your conservatory roof leaking? Let's bring it back to life!

As a conservatory owner, there’s nothing more annoying than a leaking conservatory roof stopping you from being able to enjoy your relaxing space. Unfortunately issues can arise with ageing polycarbonate panels, improperly installed glazing panels or if gutters are not well maintained. Even the weather can wreak havoc with our conservatories at times and cause damage which leads to leaks that need repairing. At Eco Tech, we offer a range of services to get your conservatory back up and running. Whether you need a small repair job on one or two panels, are looking at your options for replacing your old panels with new insulated panels, or a full conservatory roof replacement – whichever it is, we’ve got you covered!

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How To Fix Your Leaking Conservatory Roof -
Repair, Replace or Rebuild?

Repair the leaking panel

So your first option and the most budget-friendly in the short-term at least is to repair the panel or panels in questions. The benefits of this are it's usually a quick job and may cost in the region of £400-600 depending on the damage done and how many panels are affected. Something to bare in mind is that if you've already done some repair work in the past, these costs can add up so it may be time to consider your replacement options.

Replace the panels (while keeping your frame)

Your second option is to replace your existing panels (be it polycarbonate or glazed) with our insulated aluminium panels. This is an increasingly popular service that we offer as often we can do the replacement in a day and we are able to keep your existing frame in tact which makes it a much more cost-effective method than replacing the entire roof. The panels are all made to order and come in a huge range of colours to suit your taste, giving your whole conservatory a new look!

Replace the whole conservatory roof

Your third option is for a full conservatory roof replacement with a solid or glazed roof. At Eco Tech we offer a huge range of conservatory roofing options by Ultraframe. Whether you are looking for a tiled roof, a hybrid roof or a performance glass roof - we can do it all and are more than happy to talk you through all of your options.


Potentially, but this depends on how handy you are! Typically, a conservatory involves a great deal of glass which is a job that is best left strictly to the professionals. Or if it’s a polycarbonate roof, this can crack quite easily, potentially causing more damage than in the first case. In our professional opinion, if you’re having trouble with your conservatory roof leaking and you think it may be an installation issue, firstly try getting in touch with your installer to see if they can rectify the issue. Alternatively, feel free to give us a call and we would be happy to help!

This can depend on a variety of factors. First thing to consider is how old your conservatory roof is and what it’s made of. If it’s an older polycarbonate or glazed roof and is fairly worn and doesn’t offer much in terms if insulation then it may be worth looking at your options for insulated panels, especially if it’s multipole panels that are giving you issues. If it’s a newer roof and you’re just having an issue with one or two panels then there may be no need to look at replacement just yet and a repair job work do the trick. Either way, we will always be happy to provide you with an honest and transparent quote and talk through all of your options with you so you can make an informed decision. 

As with anything, there are many variables in job prices which is why it’s best to give us a call for a more accurate price. However, for a repair job you would be looking in the region of £400-600 and for a panel replacement around £3000/3500 on average. 

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‘They have replaced all of the windows in two of my homes. Their window quality is excellent and their service was very fast and friendly. The product delivered was always as described and any issues were addressed in a speedy manner. We noticed an immediate difference in the temperature and noise quality in our home. I would highly recommend Eco Tech Conservatories to anyone in need of doors and/or windows.’


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