Solid Conservatory Roofs

A vast choice of conservatory roofing optioins to suit your taste

At Eco Tech, we only use the best manufacturers out there for the products we install for our customers. That’s why we chose Ultraframe for all of our conservatories and conservatory roof replacements.


Upgrading your existing glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof to a new, modern solid roof will not only improve the aesthetic but give your space a whole new life and allowing you to enjoy it all year round.


Let’s take a look at the different options you have when replacing your conservatory roof…


Ultraroof's lightweight tiled roofing system means they are among the most advanced conservatory roof options available on the market today. Easily integrated with glazing panels and offering a beautifully charming authentic tiled finish, the Ultraroof combines modern technology with incredible aesthetics. You won’t have to settle for less. This conservatory roof option has been designed to offer a lightweight tiled roof that achieves a standard of heat retention that allows your living area to remain comfortable and usable throughout the year. You won’t have to worry about cold winter winds or overheating in the summer, with this intelligent design.


Livinroof is the first replacement roof system designed to give you the flexibility to combine solid and glazed roofing seamlessly. It enhances thermal performance to deliver a room that you can use all year round. It will stand as an exceptional addition to any home, both new and old. The internal element featured in the Livinroof design enables you to install a range of lighting and speaker options. This also helps to insulate your property, allowing you to enjoy a warmer and more comfortable living area during the colder winter months. You could also see a reduction in your heating costs with these conservatory roof replacements.

Performance Glass Roof

The Glass Roof stands as a tested, tried and loved conservatory design. This system has been refined and enhanced for over 30 years to deliver an unrivalled standard of quality that has been built upon traditional values. Over 1 million of these replacement roofs have been installed, which we think is a testimony to their quality. The glass used in your replacement roof will keep your room the perfect temperature; depending on the specification you use, it’s possible to exclude up to 83% of solar rays. Our double glazed units could reward you with a U-value a low as 1.0, and will be self-cleaning – so you won’t need to spend time on your roof’s upkeep.
Versatile Space

Conservatories provide a flexible area that can serve multiple purposes, from a tranquil reading nook to a bustling family room or a lush indoor garden.

Natural Light Haven

Designed predominantly with glass, conservatories bathe interiors in abundant natural light, promoting well-being and offering panoramic views of the outdoors.

Property Value Boost

Adding a conservatory can enhance the aesthetic and functional appeal of a home, often leading to an increase in property value.

Year-Round Enjoyment

With the right roofing and insulation, conservatories offer a comfortable space throughout all seasons, allowing homeowners to enjoy the beauty of their surroundings irrespective of the weather.

Architectural Diversity

Available in various styles like Victorian, Edwardian, Lean-to, and more, conservatories cater to a wide range of architectural tastes and preferences, ensuring there's a design to suit every home.

Why Our Clients Love Us

EcoTech’s conservatories are the epitome of elegance for style-conscious homeowners. With our extensive experience and an impressive 5-star customer rating, we stand out as the premier choice for beauty coupled with durability.

Our prompt delivery ensures a sophisticated addition to your living area swiftly. Backed by the esteemed FENSA recognition and the robust HomePro warranty, our conservatories represent the pinnacle of industry excellence.


5 Star Rating

Quick Turnaround

Professional & Experienced

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We love this brand new Ultraframe conservatory we completed this week for a customer in Aylesbury. Ultra modern looking and a beautiful extension of their home to enjoy their garden year-round.

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Another new conservatory built from scratch by the team over in Oxford this week. Using materials by Ultraframe and installed by our excellent team at Eco Tech Conservatories.

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A solid conservatory roof replacement done in Dagenham, Essex today. We replaced the customers old polycarbonate roof with Uktraframe’s solid Ultraroof with skylights and they were thrilled with the end result.

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A brand new build conservatory completed by the team at Eco Tech this week in Long Lawford, Rugby. We installed a Performance Glass Conservatory by Ultraframe which will allow the customer to enjoy their beautiful garden year-round from the comfort of their new room.

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Check Out Our Brochures

Livinroof conservatories brochure image

Livinroof by Ultraframe

Livinroof seamlessly combines stylish grey panels with glazing to create a stunning hybrid design.

Replacement roof brochure by Ultraframe

Replacement roofs by Ultraframe

Revive your existing conservatory with a new roof.

Conservatories and orangeries by Ultraframe

Conservatories & Orangeries by Ultraframe

Think bigger for more style & more space.

Ultraroof brochure by ultraframe

Ultraroof by Ultraframe

Ultraroof offer stunning choices for solid roof replacements.

Ambience conservatories brochure

Ambience Conservatory Roofs

Coming in various different shades, the Ambience glass roofs are self cleaning and have excellent solar reflection.

Ultraframe Brochure


Ultraframe is the leading name in conservatories, orangeries, extensions and replacement roofs.



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